A collection of miscellaneous branding and illustration projects I've worked on in the past few years.

Branding - illustration - web design

eyecon mdmm-01.png
bike month logo.png

Branding, illustration and printed banners for the NYC National Bike Month in 2014.

bike month banners.png
bike month card.png

Branding and label design for Mountainside Moonshine, a hand crafted alcohol brewing company based out of NJ.

msms craft logo.png
msms mini logo.png
msms mini logo2.png
msms mini logo3.png
msms label.png
mdmm logo flags.png
dillas card 2.0.png

Branding and web design for Naina Digital Studios, a high class wedding photography studio.

naina comp 2.png

Branding and web design for Tommy Kay photograph studio.

tk logo 2.png
newf logo.png
newf card.png
newf site.png
seaside shirts.png